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EBCon is working with Singapore and Vancouver based, K-Solar 3G Technologies Pte Ltd (K-Solar).  Our latest product release is a thin film PV designed to be installed between standard sized standing seam roof systems.  These products are scheduled to be tested and certified in Singapore in May 2014.  





K-Solar Plasma PV (KS-PPV) is a printable PV cell Technology.  KS-PPV cell is made up of 5 printed layers, with its middle layer being the active PV absorber compound semiconductor layer.  This layer is constructed from a printable PV ink called Formula K. Formula K uses Plasmon assisted inorganic nanoparticles together with light emitting and electron-hole transport polymers to form a PV cell with bulk heterojunction properties.

KS-PPV module also performs better during cloudy sky conditions with irradiance range of 100 to 500 W/m2.  Because under these overcast or diffused sunlight conditions, the spectral illumination is mainly in the blue or UV region.  Again since KPPV module material has a higher band gap, which has a better solar spectral matching to the blue or UV region, it can produce more output energy on these conditions than traditional c-Si module.  Such is the case for tropical climate countries like that of Singapore. 


Website published  7 June 2012